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Introducing Jess Geas, Harbor Animal Hospitals in-house trainer and owner of Petrichor K9. Jess has owned and operated Petrichor K9 since 2016 and worked in the canine career field since 2013. Jess is a six year veteran of the United States Air Force but has had her sights set on k9 handling and training since her childhood. After attending the Highland Canine School for Dog Trainers in NC, Jess earned a Master Training certification. Now she is back to her home state of Rhode Island and has begun her new k9 venture. 

            Jess has been with Harbor Animal Hospital for one year and has been training in Rhode Island for the past four years. Working with over 1000+ dogs in Rhode Island in various styles of training sessions. Jess focuses on owner to k9 communication and believes that the bond between them leads to a healthy lifestyle for both the dog and the owner.


Jess Geas

Petrichor K9

Master Trainer

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” – Orhan Pamuk